Published Work


Strange New World: Streaming Trek to a Global Audience
Commentary on the implications of Netflix’s international distribution of Star Trek: Discovery.


Desert island: how Breaking Bad became the next Lost
An essay arguing that the passionate investment in Breaking Bad makes it the unexpected successor to The X-Files and Lost. Published on Crikey’s TV blog, Wires and Lights.

Rave Magazine


The Lightcycle Diaries
Cover story on the forthcoming release of Tron: Legacy, examining the significance of the original Tron and the potential cultural impact of the sequel.
Originally published in Rave Magazine on December 7, 2010

For a Few Dollars More
A report on the impact of online bookselling on Brisbane comic book stores, drawing on interviews with two local store owners.
Originally published in Rave Magazine on January 31, 2012

Film reviews

Originally published in Rave Magazine on January 18, 2011

The Green Hornet
Originally published in Rave Magazine on January 25, 2011

Originally published in Rave Magazine on February 22, 2011


Film and DVD reviews

The Films of Luc Besson
Reviews of the Madman DVD releases of three Luc Besson’s films – The Last Battle, Subway, and The Fifth Element – analysed in the context of Besson’s overall career.

The Other Guys
A review of Adam McKay’s comedy upon theatrical release.

The Power of Emotion
A review of New German Cinema luminary Alexander Kluge’s challenging non-narrative film from 1983.



Watch The Wire
A 2006 article explaining the value of HBO’s The Wire, while its popularity and acclaim was still on the rise.

DVD Bits

DVD reviews

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series

Halo Legends

Moral Orel