And we’re back

After a three-month sabbatical (there’s a euphemism if ever there was one), Remote Wanderings is back with a fiery vengeance. Film reviews, news, and links of note will now pour forth as steadily as I get around to them. There will be a few reviews going up today and hopefully some more tomorrow, along with the major news of the past few months that springs to mind and some choice links from across the interweb. These reviews will be me playing catch-up, but look for my take on new releases like Transformers and Knocked Up shortly after they come out (I hope).

So pull up a chair and a preferred beverage and prepare to be dazzled by some moderately competent reviews. Tell your friends!


One thought on “And we’re back

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now I’m torn between reading your posts for movies I haven’t actually seen yet or reading your reviews to avoid watching a mediocre film myself. Either way, good to see you posting again. Not that I can talk. Jo

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